Friday, October 17, 2014

Home automation experiments with RPi

I know, there's plenty of blogs and sites about Raspberry Pi, but I wish to share my experiences using this wonderful piece of electronic with all the people that could be interested.

My final goal would be an home automation system, but most of my experiments can be used for many other projects.

I'm not a Linux expert, nor a Python expert, but I've been a programmer for several years, so I can really learn how to effectively use RPi (but it can be programmed also with other languages and even using different O.S.).
Anyway sometimes my approaches could be a bit dumb and some other more experienced user could surely do much better than me.

If You find something wrong in my codes or You think I could do them better, please write this in the comments. It will be useful for me and for every visitor of this blog.

I already published some info and also made available some pre-configured SD image on my personal website, but I think that putting everything in a dedicated space would be much better.

If You wish to visit the RPi pages on my website, go to and follow the links at the bottom for the specific pages.

If You have questions, You can send me an email or comment in this blog...

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