Friday, May 29, 2015

Yowsup server

This time I wish to share some thought with you about an evolution of my projects. No need to code something for now...

In all my previous posts about Youwsup and Whatsapp messaging I always assumed on thing: chatting involved just one Raspberry Pi.

Anyway I own more than one RPi. What if I wish to use Whatsapp with more than one device?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Raspberry Pi Robot (RaPiRo)

Ok, after spending almost a month doing many things not related to Raspberry Pi and home automation, I wish to  show one of the latest projects about RPi: RaPiRo (contraction of Raspberry Pi Robot).

This is a really nice small robot that can be 3d printed at home without too much trouble (if you wish you can also buy the full kit, but it will cost you much more).
By printing the shell and using many parts I had at home, I got this nice item at a really low cost.

But you may ask what this robot has to do with home automation.... Well, let's se how it could be used.